Emmanuel Macron, Iran Nuclear Deal and the Limits of Diplomacy

Emmanuel Macron has failed to change Donald Trump’s mind on the question of the Iran nuclear deal. The purpose of French President Emmanuel Macron’s first state visit&nbs...

Mag 15 2018

Initial Coin Offerings: Can Regulators Curb the Risks?

With huge sums being raised by ICOs and the danger of scams proliferating, regulators are seeking ways to create the right framework for supervision. For tech startups hungry for capital, an initia...

Apr 27 2018

IL 1/4h della Statale

Vacanze: mare o monti?

Ti consiglia lo Zodiaco

Lug 31 2017

fuori aula

Italy from an international point of view

Italy’s economy has been underperforming due to a wide array of structural problems within the system. Italy is the third largest economy in the eurozone, and its nominal GDP represents the 1...

Apr 27 2018

Lethal Aid and the Syrian Chessboard

Distributing lethal aid to Syrian rebels will escalate the international proxy war. Following a string of high-profile victories by Syrian government forces, the Obama administration announced that...

Climate Change: Are We there Yet?

Is the current heat wave caused by climate change? In early 2017, Fair Observer published my article just ahead of President Donald Trump’s inauguration discussing the possible cour...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Be “Available” and Get Rich

This is how to make yourself available and rich in our culture. Yahoo News asked best-selling author Jen Sincero why so many people aren’t rich. Her answer tells us a lot about US culture today....