The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Donald Trump and “Respect”

US President Donald Trump has sent a letter of “respect” to African nations following his alleged “shithole countries” comment. After famously referring to African countries...

Feb 08 2018

The Poet as Journalist of the Spirit

an poetry help us through times of political upheaval? “It is difficult to get the news from poems, yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.”  – Wi...

Feb 02 2018

IL 1/4h della Statale

Vacanze: mare o monti?

Ti consiglia lo Zodiaco

Lug 31 2017

fuori aula

The Bard of Avon ruined it for us!

So a few weeks ago, this almost 6 feet tall friend of mine mentioned casually the words "i don’t like feminine men" while she drove us to Cannes, the rain almost immediately started gu...

Feb 14 2018

The Daily Dictionary: “Culture,” Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon

The culture of politics has nothing to do with the politics of culture. In The Observer’s earthquake scoop concerning the scandalous activities of Cambridge Analytica, whistleblower...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Gates Foundation and “Equity”

The Gates have pulled off a kind of optical illusion by using equity to advance social equity (fairness) in a way that is, by their own admission, not “fair.” Bill and Melinda Gates hav...

Why Remittances from the Middle East Matter to India

With remittances from the Middle East in decline, India may face problems in the domestic labor market. India remains the world’s leading recipient of international personal remittances, clai...