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Business could be used as a platform to solve staunching social problems??

Well I have no clue when the history of trade and commerce started and this blame of blatant ignorance is my fault as i not only failed to google it but also ended up spending an entire afternoon researching why the show constantine got cancelled after season 1 and surprise surprise i had no answers to both the questions!

But history classes from my school days took me to the year 1453 when constantinople fell and an alternative trade route was discovered to India by a Portuguese Traveller Vasco da Gama, business’ and trades’ were happening centuries ago even in the ancient civilizations be it Harappa, Mesopotamia and the Egyptian civilizations. Just to break it a bit on a top-down method at the grass root level it started when our ancestors used to trade a bag full of Sardines and Tunas in exchange for the heart and hand of a bella and it continued more or less till the recent times of today when your grandmother forces you to get some curd for fermentation from the neighbours whom you never talk to in exchange for home made sweets, I protest for both and mainly especially the sweets made by one’s grandmother, they are worth a cow not a wee bit of curd!  

Yes, we are at the peak in terms of mastering what we know as science and technology, yes we have been to moon and we have reached the mars and excited to explore every nook and corner of the world. The year 2017 was bonkers, as crazy as it may sound a robot was granted a citizenship in a country although it might take some time for us to hear the words ”I AM BACK” by a Cyberdyne Systems series T-800 Model 101 terminator. The next industry revolution is  knocking at our doorstep which will revolutionize the very world as we know it and no one wants to be left behind.

All the glory and achievement mean so little when billions of people with our same flesh and blood never dare to even dream the life which we live. While some enjoy the private yacht tours in the french riviera, while others click meaningless pictures and shout Skål every time they intoxicate themselves, Half the world is hungry and petrified scraping the food off the street just to live today, there are so many issues to solve with so little time with problems like poverty, hunger, inequality, health, climate change and the list goes on…

Could business be the answer to these complex social problems?

There are so many helping hands with various charities from famous-rich people but the commonsensical question is what would a big hearted billionaire sitting somewhere in his penthouse in new york know how easily and innovatively they can be sucker punched by racketeerings and scams of the villages of kabba, Nigeria, however powerful they might be or their contacts might be nobody can dare stop the shady invisible hand.

This idea of charity of billions of dollars in a sustainability point of view might be a questionable just like any other concept be it communism and capitalism or democracy and monarchy which is a debate for another day, the future holds good for the nation which empowers the common people by insulating them from these social can of worms mentioned above but also setting the right scheduled structure in usage of the science and technology of today.  

The using of entrepreneurial skills and innovation to tackle the social problems should be started as a specialized area in the all the business schools, if at least one business student starts to dream about a hunger-free through via the biz world it might actually be possible in the next decades to actually see zero hunger, because if you start dreaming you are already halfway there!     

Everything you see around runs solely on numbers from education to the sports which you enjoy the most or even a visit to a place of worship everything is directly and indirectly in cahoots with to quote my finance teacher “Money, money money” because let us be realistic not everyone is mother teresa and half a generation are gone just spending time on listing what are the problems at hand are!

I have to mention a special enterprise called ushahidi a crowd-driven social platfrom  which uses technology and helps people to raise their voice against various issues making every voice count. It is undoubtedly a crown jewel in the silicon savannah of Kenya AND if there is a possible solution to solve the agonizingly unsolvable social issues through budding businessmen and businesswomen why deny them making more money, eternal fame and endless power!

So it is the year 2018 of the Gregorian calendar and i am sure everyone eagerly welcomed it with joyous hoopla and merrymaking, cheers!!!


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