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  • Mag 15 2018

    China Is Rising… and Everyone Should Take Note

    China is a force to be reckoned with. Not only should the US take notice, but the rest of the developed world should do too. A recent issue of Foreign Affairs, “Letting Go: Trump, America, and the World,” questions the extent to which the United States under President Donald Trump has abandoned its de facto post-World War II leadership of the liberal internationa...

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  • Apr 27 2018

    What Brands Can Learn from Starbucks’ Crisis Response

    The arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia coffee shop should be treated as a broad-based wake-up call for Starbucks — and for other brands as well, experts say. The recent arrest of two black men at a Starbucks location in Philadelphia’s affluent Rittenhouse Square location has become a new moment of reckoning in America’s struggles with racial bias. The two men came to...

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  • Feb 02 2018
  • Dic 09 2017

    An Exemplar of Motherhood: Sister Nivedita

    “England has sent us another gift in Miss Margaret Noble” said the great Swami Vivekananda in his speech he introduced a lady of Scottish-Irish descent by birth and an Indian by choice, little did the crowd gathered there knew that the kind words said by the great philosopher turned out to be a gospel truth where the latter would go on to be one of India’s indomitable voice of na...

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  • Dic 08 2017

    Donald Trump: Our UnFounding Father

    Donald Trump isn’t an aberration. He’s the zeitgeist. Don’t look away. I mean it! Keep on staring just like you’ve been doing, just like we’ve all been doing since he rode down that escalator into the presidential race in June 2015 and, while you have your eyes on him, I’ll tell you exactly why you shouldn’t stop. To begin with, i...

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  • Dic 02 2017

    The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Emmanuel Macron on “Civilizational”

    When it pays for a French president in Africa to be more frank than franc. In July, France’s newly minted president, Emmanuel Macron, when reflecting on the economic challenges Africa was facing, employed the word “civilizational.” This immediately raised a few eyebrows, reminding some of Nicolas Sarkozy’s dogmatic pretension exactly a decade ago in a&nbsp...

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  • Set 26 2017

    Assenzio e inchiostro di stampa: Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

    In mostra Verona, fino al tre settembre, le locandine e i disegni del maestro della Parigi bohémienne del tardo ottocento.

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Lethal Aid and the Syrian Chessboard

Distributing lethal aid to Syrian rebels will escalate the international proxy war. Following a string of high-profile victories by Syrian government forces, the Obama administration announced that...

Climate Change: Are We there Yet?

Is the current heat wave caused by climate change? In early 2017, Fair Observer published my article just ahead of President Donald Trump’s inauguration discussing the possible cour...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Be “Available” and Get Rich

This is how to make yourself available and rich in our culture. Yahoo News asked best-selling author Jen Sincero why so many people aren’t rich. Her answer tells us a lot about US culture today....