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  • Feb 08 2018

    Piet Mondrian e la scomposizione della realtà.

    Dietro una delle peggiori frasi da sentire in un museo:" Questo potevo farlo anche io".

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  • Feb 02 2018

    Wing4students ti mette le ali e un microfono, chiuso l'accordo di mediapartnership con RDS. iscrizione prorogate fino al 5 febbraio per dare a tutti la possibilità di partecipare .

    Riparte Wing4Students, IV edizione del concorso nazionale a premi sulla lingua inglese rivolto agli universitari italiani   Anche l’edizione 2018 è sostenuta dal Gruppo Unipol. C’è tempo fino al 5 febbraio per iscriversi Si studia on-line con il software DynEd e il supporto di tutor via Skype Oltre 3000 gli iscritti alla scorsa edizione, un successo c...

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  • Feb 02 2018

    The Poet as Journalist of the Spirit

    an poetry help us through times of political upheaval? “It is difficult to get the news from poems, yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.”  – William Carlos Williams Physical distance is difficult because of the helplessness it engenders. To see one’s world unraveling continents and oceans away and to feel that you can’t do any...

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  • Feb 02 2018

    Post Brexit, Indian Subcontinent’s New Role in the Commonwealth

    With Brexit on the horizon, Britain’s relationship with the Commonwealth takes on renewed importance. Ahead of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), scheduled to take place in London in April, old debates have come alive over the relevance and importance of the Commonwealth of Nations and its involvement in world affairs. As alternative to the European Union post Brexit, the U...

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  • Gen 17 2018

    A new tool, for a different future. Wing4students

    Giunto quest'anno  alla quarta edizione, Wing4Students, oggi è l'unico l'unico programma di edutainment italiano per imparare l'inglese in modo alternativo ed innovativo. Le iscrizioni aperte fino al 30 gennaio 2018. Il format è stato progettato a livello nazionale al fine di poter offrire a tutti gli studenti italiani l'opportunit&agrave...

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  • Gen 07 2018

    Business could be used as a platform to solve staunching social problems??

    Well I have no clue when the history of trade and commerce started and this blame of blatant ignorance is my fault as i not only failed to google it but also ended up spending an entire afternoon researching why the show constantine got cancelled after season 1 and surprise surprise i had no answers to both the questions! But history classes from my school days took me to the year 1453 when con...

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  • Dic 18 2017

    Putin's National Idea

    Is building a national ideology a viable solution for Putin to consolidate power? Today, it is widely acknowledged in Russian society that a unifying national idea is virtually non-existent. Even two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia continues to be characterized as "post-communist," a term that connotes an absence of content rather than a presence thereof. This v...

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What Modern Science Can Learn from Indigenous Knowledge

The assumption is that what works in wealthy countries can work anywhere. Advancements in the science of building design for earthquake resilience are enabling the development of high-ris...

When Popularity Becomes a Problem on the World’s Summit

Is Mount Everest the ultimate successful branded product, made in Asia, but benefiting from all the political and marketing genius of the imperial West? Once upon a time, Mount Everest throned at t...

Are Humans and Machines at War?

With robots and artificial intelligence destined to take over the economy, does anyone have an idea of how a truce might end the war between man and machine? Wired features an article with the...