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  • Dic 08 2017

    When Business Meets Human Rights

    Most companies are still coming to grips with what their corporate responsibilities mean in practice when it comes to human rights. As November drew to a close, the Palais des Nations, the UN headquarters in Geneva, prepared to shake off the seasonal gloom by welcoming once again the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights. Since its establishment in 2012, the forum has been a bubbling platform f...

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  • Dic 04 2017

    From Brexit in the UK to Austerity in Spain

    European elites are blaming “stupid” voters for turning against an economic system that hasn’t worked for them. On the surface, the June 23 Brexit and the June 26 Spanish elections don’t look comparable. After a nasty campaign filled with racism and Islamophobia, the British—or rather, the English and the Welsh—took a leap into darkness and voted to...

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  • Dic 02 2017

    The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Emmanuel Macron on “Civilizational”

    When it pays for a French president in Africa to be more frank than franc. In July, France’s newly minted president, Emmanuel Macron, when reflecting on the economic challenges Africa was facing, employed the word “civilizational.” This immediately raised a few eyebrows, reminding some of Nicolas Sarkozy’s dogmatic pretension exactly a decade ago in a&nbsp...

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  • Nov 29 2017

    The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Why the Hype Has Outrun Reality

    Robots that serve dinner, self-driving car, and drone-taxis could be fun and hugely profitable. But don’t hold your breath. They are likely much further off than the hype suggests. A panel of experts at the recent 2017 Wharton Global Forum in Hong Kong outlined their views on the future for artificial intelligence (AI), robots, drones, other tech advances and how it all might affect e...

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  • Nov 29 2017

    The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: What’s a “Hipster”

    Zinzi Clemmons attacks Lena Dunham for adhering to what she calls a strain of “hipster racism.” Arwa Mahdawi has published an article in The Guardian following the accusation by Zinzi Clemmons that writer, actor and director Lena Dunham is guilty of “hipster racism.” Today, the Daily Devil’s Dictionary will define the word hipster. Tomorrow...

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  • Set 26 2017

    Nouvelles de France

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel already faces complex coalition negotiations with at least three other parties. Now French President Emmanuel Macron wants in on the act. Macron and Merkel on Aug. 28. Photographer: Ludovic Marin/AFP via Getty Images In a speech at the Sorbonne in Paris on Tuesday, Macron will make proposals for re-shaping Europe that he acknowledges will require Merkel...

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  • Set 25 2017


    COS’E’? La mostra convegno - giunta alla XXVII edizione - si presenta quest’anno con tantissime progettualità dedicate a giovani e docenti e un’attenzione crescente verso la mobilità internazionale con idee, opportunità e proposte di studio e lavoro all’estero. Un evento che si conferma come un appuntamento irrinunciabile per chi deve scegliere...

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Midterm Elections 2018: The War for America’s Soul

Even as pundits predict and pontificate, the midterm elections are only yet another battle for the commanding heights of America’s torn soul. In Silicon Valley, the sun is shining and it does...

The Student Debt Crisis: Could It Slow the US Economy?

rowing student loan debt is “changing the culture of America,” says one expert, and it impacts the economic choices we make all the way through retirement. That rising student debt is o...

Europe Is Caught in a Wheel of Xenophobia

The assimilation policy of integration, actively practiced across Europe, is one of the main prerequisites of xenophobia. The latest measurements in Europe show that after a sharp spike in xenophob...