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  • Apr 01 2015

    Luiss University wins annual International Trading Competition

    For the second consecutive year a team from LUISS University in Italy has won the Rotman International Trading Competition at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. The Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) is an annual event that brings teams of students and their faculty advisors from universities around the world to participate in a unique three-day simulated market...

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  • Ago 10 2016

    B.lab Bocconi: Marinella, the Italian taste of elegance around the world

    On March 11, 2015, Bocconi University hosted Maurizio Marinella, the man behind the world-class tie brand E.Marinella founded in 1914 in Naples. Famous politicians as Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin have worn Marinella ties, as have King Juan Carlos, Prince Charles and Italian industrial magnate Gianni Agnelli.

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  • Lug 05 2016

    Venice Ca' Foscari 8th edition of "Incroci di Civiltà", the International Literature Festival

    The world-famous director James Ivory, internationally known for films like “The Europeans”, “A Room with a View” and “Howards End”, was the inaugural guest at “Incroci di Civiltà”, the 8th edition of International Literature Festival of Venice on March 25, 2015 at the Goldoni Theatre. Ca' Foscari had an important role in the promotion...

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  • Apr 01 2015

    San Raffaele Neurology Department Chairman wins the "Charcot Award"

    Professor Giancarlo Comi is the 2015 winner of the Charcot Award, in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the fields of pathophysiology and treatment of multiple sclerosis. The Professor is one of the world’s leading MS neurologists and a pioneer in the development of disease-modifying therapies in MS. Giancarlo Comi is the first Italian professor to win the Charcot Award: “It was a gr...

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  • Apr 01 2015

    Politecnico di Milano: Who are the talents that Ferrari is looking for?

    Mr Dennis De Munck, Talent Acquisition & Development Director at Ferrari, explains the importance of a matching between the candidates and the company values for MIP, the international Business School of Milan Polytechnic. Dennis De Munck explains that Ferrari is looking for people with the right competences and a strong background in academic excellence. It is also important to have internat...

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Nouvelles de France

German Chancellor Angela Merkel already faces complex coalition negotiations with at least three other parties. Now French President Emmanuel Macron wants in on the act. Macron and Merkel on Au...


COS’E’? La mostra convegno - giunta alla XXVII edizione - si presenta quest’anno con tantissime progettualità dedicate a giovani e docenti e un’attenzione crescente v...

Tra sacro e purissimo: Salvador Dalì.

Una mostra interessante a Gavirate (VA) di un nuovo Dalì, un Dalì dantesco e religioso.