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  • Gen 16 2019

    Elon Musk and the Life of a “Superhero”

    Elon Musk on how the life of a business and scientific superhero is ringed with danger. The Daily Devil’s Dictionary regularly looks to Elon Musk for inspiration because of his status as a hyperreal superhero in the world of technology and his special place in the global celebrity economy. Wired dropped a bombshell last week when it offered a view of Elon Musk’s...

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  • Nov 14 2018

    Midterm Elections 2018: The War for America’s Soul

    Even as pundits predict and pontificate, the midterm elections are only yet another battle for the commanding heights of America’s torn soul. In Silicon Valley, the sun is shining and it does not seem as if the US midterm elections are taking place. This author meets few people who discuss or care much about politics or the elections. In this post-truth world created by social m...

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  • Nov 14 2018

    The Student Debt Crisis: Could It Slow the US Economy?

    rowing student loan debt is “changing the culture of America,” says one expert, and it impacts the economic choices we make all the way through retirement. That rising student debt is one of the creeping threats of our time is hard to refute. Student debt has more than tripled since 2004, reaching $1.52 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to the US Federal Reserve &m...

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  • Nov 14 2018

    Elon Musk Wants to Make Space Great Again

    After assuming the mantle of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk wants to join Donald Trump in making space great again. The Daily Devil’s Dictionary explains. Readers may have noticed our attraction for Elon Musk, who can be counted on to throw out a hyperreal idea or engage in a hyperreal act. He has just claimed his position as the heir of Steve Jobs, the ultimate superhero of business hyperrea...

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  • Ott 16 2018

    Virtual Exchange Brings Students and Refugees Closer

    Can a virtual exchange program bridge the gap developing between the two sides of the Mediterranean? Since 1987, when the Erasmus project started, 9 million people have taken part in it, according to data collected by the European Commission. It might be considered as the most successful European project in terms of participation in the last 30 years. The real turning point came...

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  • Set 28 2018

    Brexit: The Countdown Has Begun

    The window to agree on an exit deal between Britain and the EU is closing. The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, but because of the necessary ratification procedures of an agreement, the plan was to reach a deal by the EU summit starting October 18. Although this deadline has been extended to mid-November, there is still worry that no deal would be r...

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  • Mag 25 2018

    The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Be “Available” and Get Rich

    This is how to make yourself available and rich in our culture. Yahoo News asked best-selling author Jen Sincero why so many people aren’t rich. Her answer tells us a lot about US culture today. “I find that in my own life and with the people I’ve been coaching when people make the decision to get rich, they’re available to do things that are outside of their comfort zones and stretch themse...

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Vuoi laurearti velocemente e con voti alti? Ecco i due ex-studenti lavoratori che ti svelano come fare!

Si chiamano Nicola Guarino (27 anni, Laurea in Economia e Amministrazione Aziendale) e Attilio Cordaro (28 anni, Laurea in Giurisprudenza) i due ex studenti universitari lavoratori di Palermo che inse...

Rylers go crowd. Raise the Right to Impact

As the Milan-based start-up Ryler (www.ryler.org) is about to launch its crowdfunding campaign through 200Crowd (www.200crowd.com), one of the fastest growing platforms in Italy, some attention should...