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  • Apr 27 2018

    Italy from an international point of view

    Italy’s economy has been underperforming due to a wide array of structural problems within the system. Italy is the third largest economy in the eurozone, and its nominal GDP represents the 12th largest in the world. However, Italy’s economy is smaller than it was in 2008 and is still grappling with many shortcomings that drag down its capability. Regardless what coalition or p...

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  • Feb 14 2018

    The Bard of Avon ruined it for us!

    So a few weeks ago, this almost 6 feet tall friend of mine mentioned casually the words "i don’t like feminine men" while she drove us to Cannes, the rain almost immediately started gushing down fiercely as if the rain gods were almost angry when she looked twice at my face after making that comment. I mean to be fair i had a year and two months of long hair although at the exact s...

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  • Feb 02 2018

    The Poet as Journalist of the Spirit

    an poetry help us through times of political upheaval? “It is difficult to get the news from poems, yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.”  – William Carlos Williams Physical distance is difficult because of the helplessness it engenders. To see one’s world unraveling continents and oceans away and to feel that you can’t do any...

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  • Gen 07 2018

    Business could be used as a platform to solve staunching social problems??

    Well I have no clue when the history of trade and commerce started and this blame of blatant ignorance is my fault as i not only failed to google it but also ended up spending an entire afternoon researching why the show constantine got cancelled after season 1 and surprise surprise i had no answers to both the questions! But history classes from my school days took me to the year 1453 when con...

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  • Gen 03 2018

    Vacche Ribelli

    La vera storia di un gruppo di vacche in fuga dalla magistratura

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  • Set 26 2017

    Treasures from the Wreck og the Unbelievable: Damien Hirst.

    Una mostra strepitosa di uno degli artisti più controversi del momento.

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  • Set 26 2017

    La prima rivista della musica : rolling stone

    La storia della musica stampata sin dal 1967

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Lethal Aid and the Syrian Chessboard

Distributing lethal aid to Syrian rebels will escalate the international proxy war. Following a string of high-profile victories by Syrian government forces, the Obama administration announced that...

Climate Change: Are We there Yet?

Is the current heat wave caused by climate change? In early 2017, Fair Observer published my article just ahead of President Donald Trump’s inauguration discussing the possible cour...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Be “Available” and Get Rich

This is how to make yourself available and rich in our culture. Yahoo News asked best-selling author Jen Sincero why so many people aren’t rich. Her answer tells us a lot about US culture today....