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  • Nov 14 2018

    The Student Debt Crisis: Could It Slow the US Economy?

    rowing student loan debt is “changing the culture of America,” says one expert, and it impacts the economic choices we make all the way through retirement. That rising student debt is one of the creeping threats of our time is hard to refute. Student debt has more than tripled since 2004, reaching $1.52 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to the US Federal Reserve &m...

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  • Ott 16 2018

    Virtual Exchange Brings Students and Refugees Closer

    Can a virtual exchange program bridge the gap developing between the two sides of the Mediterranean? Since 1987, when the Erasmus project started, 9 million people have taken part in it, according to data collected by the European Commission. It might be considered as the most successful European project in terms of participation in the last 30 years. The real turning point came...

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  • Feb 28 2018

    The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Gates Foundation and “Equity”

    The Gates have pulled off a kind of optical illusion by using equity to advance social equity (fairness) in a way that is, by their own admission, not “fair.” Bill and Melinda Gates have either discovered or simply admitted that they have an unfair advantage over ordinary people (i.e. non-billionaires). A reader might even get the impression that they are at the point of b...

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  • Set 26 2017

    Nouvelles de France

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel already faces complex coalition negotiations with at least three other parties. Now French President Emmanuel Macron wants in on the act. Macron and Merkel on Aug. 28. Photographer: Ludovic Marin/AFP via Getty Images In a speech at the Sorbonne in Paris on Tuesday, Macron will make proposals for re-shaping Europe that he acknowledges will require Merkel...

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  • Set 25 2017


    COS’E’? La mostra convegno - giunta alla XXVII edizione - si presenta quest’anno con tantissime progettualità dedicate a giovani e docenti e un’attenzione crescente verso la mobilità internazionale con idee, opportunità e proposte di studio e lavoro all’estero. Un evento che si conferma come un appuntamento irrinunciabile per chi deve scegliere...

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  • Set 26 2017

    Assenzio e inchiostro di stampa: Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

    In mostra Verona, fino al tre settembre, le locandine e i disegni del maestro della Parigi bohémienne del tardo ottocento.

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  • Giu 28 2017


    32° EDIZIONE 4 NOVEMBRE 2017

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Aperte fino al 31 gennaio 2019 le iscrizioni gratuite per Wing4Students, Un'opportunità che fa la differenza

Il programma di edutainment italiano dedicato a universitari e laureati con meno di 28 anni che vogliano imparare l’inglese Wing4Students è un (con)corso per imparare l’inglese in...

There’s a Rock Heading for Earth

Now that we’ve got your attention, Arek Sinanian examines the global stalemate over climate change with this analogy about a meteor heading for Earth. There is so much in the world to be opti...

Surrogacy: Erasing the Mother

  Many articles and books can be found describing the horrors of surrogacy. Exploitation is common, with abuse and slave-like conditions for women. Often, several eggs are implanted to ensure...