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Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Is the Future of Fintech

Facebook, you’ve come a long way.

From its humble beginnings as a platform to stalk your high school girlfriend, the social media giant has evolved to become one of the world’s largest and most influential advertisers, news aggregators and data gatherers.

We can now add “fintech firm” to that list. This week Facebook released a whitepaper formally introducing the world to its highly anticipated cryptocurrency. But don’t get excited just yet. Libra, as the coin is called, won’t arrive until sometime next year.

As I see it, Libra is by far the most ambitious foray into cryptocurrencies since bitcoin itself came on to the scene 10 years ago. Whether you’re a crypto novice, or whether you’ve been a bitcoin enthusiast since day one, this development is well worth your attention.

Read the full article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2019/06/19/facebooks-libra-cryptocurrency-is-the-future-of-fintech/#61b3f2df6629

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