What Modern Science Can Learn from Indigenous Knowledge

The assumption is that what works in wealthy countries can work anywhere. Advancements in the science of building design for earthquake resilience are enabling the development of high-ris...

Giu 20 2019

Trump Is Wrong to Think He Can Force Iran to Its Knees

In this edition of The Interview, we talk to an ambassador to Mozambique and Peru, Dennis Jett. Tensions between Tehran and Washington have been escalating for some time now. In the most recent epi...

Giu 20 2019

IL 1/4h della Statale

Midterm Elections 2018: The War for America’s Soul

Even as pundits predict and pontificate, the midterm elections are only yet another battle for the commanding heights of America’s torn soul. In Silicon Valley, the sun is shining and it does...

Nov 14 2018

fuori aula

Virtual Exchange Brings Students and Refugees Closer

Can a virtual exchange program bridge the gap developing between the two sides of the Mediterranean? Since 1987, when the Erasmus project started, 9 million people have taken part in it, according...

Ott 16 2018

Workshop - Digital transformation in the fashion industry

How to exploit DTC, the new paradigm in the retailing industry

How Fintech Is Eating The World