Why AI Is Tipping the Scales in the Development of Self-Driving Cars

Globally, the US and China are ahead in the race to develop driverless cars. One key reason: advancements in both countries in artificial intelligence. When people think of self-driving cars, the i...

Dic 08 2017

From Brexit in the UK to Austerity in Spain

European elites are blaming “stupid” voters for turning against an economic system that hasn’t worked for them. On the surface, the June 23 Brexit and the June 26 Spanis...

Dic 04 2017

IL 1/4h della Statale

Vacanze: mare o monti?

Ti consiglia lo Zodiaco

Lug 31 2017

fuori aula

Treasures from the Wreck og the Unbelievable: Damien Hirst.

Una mostra strepitosa di uno degli artisti più controversi del momento.

Set 26 2017

Wings4students ti mette le ali

Impara l'inglese vincendo

An Exemplar of Motherhood: Sister Nivedita

“England has sent us another gift in Miss Margaret Noble” said the great Swami Vivekananda in his speech he introduced a lady of Scottish-Irish descent by birth and an Indian by choice, li...

Donald Trump: Our UnFounding Father

Donald Trump isn’t an aberration. He’s the zeitgeist. Don’t look away. I mean it! Keep on staring just like you’ve been doing, just like we’ve all been doing since&nbs...