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How Fintech Is Eating The World

In the early 2000s, people thought of technology as its own industry. There was healthcare, industrials, finance, and… technology. Technology was separate, unique and altogether foreign to the others. It was the domain of innovators that made operating systems like Microsoft and search engines like Google.

Everything has changed. Instead of being viewed as a distinct vertical, today every company is a technology company. Perhaps most aptly, Marc Andreessen captures the current zeitgeist “Software is eating the world”.

A similar dynamic is playing out in financial services, which used to be an entirely distinct vertical – the domain of banks, payment processors and insurance companies. Through innovation led by fintechs, the financial services industry is poised to become a horizontal as well, and permeate across the fractured silos of the economy. This is manifesting itself in many ways.

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How Fintech Is Eating The World

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