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  • Giu 20 2019

    What Modern Science Can Learn from Indigenous Knowledge

    The assumption is that what works in wealthy countries can work anywhere. Advancements in the science of building design for earthquake resilience are enabling the development of high-rises and now “supertall” buildings in earthquake-prone areas like Japan. Design processes, scenario and risk modeling, and construction methods have embraced technological fixes to make aest...

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  • Mar 16 2019

    Rylers go crowd. Raise the Right to Impact

    As the Milan-based start-up Ryler (www.ryler.org) is about to launch its crowdfunding campaign through 200Crowd (www.200crowd.com), one of the fastest growing platforms in Italy, some attention should be paid to the disruption taking place, steadily but slowly, in the labor markets of several western countries From Industrial Revolution to Sharing Economy. What’s left from Marxist paradig...

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  • Gen 16 2019

    Aperte fino al 31 gennaio 2019 le iscrizioni gratuite per Wing4Students, Un'opportunità che fa la differenza

    Il programma di edutainment italiano dedicato a universitari e laureati con meno di 28 anni che vogliano imparare l’inglese Wing4Students è un (con)corso per imparare l’inglese in modo efficace e divertente giunto alla V edizione. La partecipazione è gratuita e in palio ci sono premi per oltre 12.000 euro così suddivisi: 500 euro saranno assegnati al vincitore,...

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  • Gen 16 2019

    There’s a Rock Heading for Earth

    Now that we’ve got your attention, Arek Sinanian examines the global stalemate over climate change with this analogy about a meteor heading for Earth. There is so much in the world to be optimistic about. But when it comes to the current global position on climate change, I often vacillate between optimism and despair. My previous articles on University.it demonstrate this. Now imagine...

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  • Gen 16 2019

    Surrogacy: Erasing the Mother

      Many articles and books can be found describing the horrors of surrogacy. Exploitation is common, with abuse and slave-like conditions for women. Often, several eggs are implanted to ensure that one of them will produce; but if that results in multiple embryos, the birth mother may be forced to have an abortion for fetal reduction. At a later stage in the pregnancy, genetic tests ar...

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  • Mag 15 2018

    China Is Rising… and Everyone Should Take Note

    China is a force to be reckoned with. Not only should the US take notice, but the rest of the developed world should do too. A recent issue of Foreign Affairs, “Letting Go: Trump, America, and the World,” questions the extent to which the United States under President Donald Trump has abandoned its de facto post-World War II leadership of the liberal internationa...

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  • Apr 27 2018

    What Brands Can Learn from Starbucks’ Crisis Response

    The arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia coffee shop should be treated as a broad-based wake-up call for Starbucks — and for other brands as well, experts say. The recent arrest of two black men at a Starbucks location in Philadelphia’s affluent Rittenhouse Square location has become a new moment of reckoning in America’s struggles with racial bias. The two men came to...

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