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PoliHub and Fondazione Vodafone together for social needs

Think for Social, an initiative promoted by the Fondazione Vodafone Italia in collaboration with PoliHub, is aimed at identifying and supporting the best projects for social development that exploit the potential of new technologies to provide effective and sustainable answers to social needs. The categories who are eligible to participate are: non-profit organizations, students and non-profit/for profit alliances/partnerships. The projects must demonstrate that they can generate impact in three sectors of Italian society: Health and well-being; Culture and education; Agriculture, diet and environment. The Fondazione Vodafone Italia makes available a maximum total of 1 Million Euro in financing to launch and develop projects. The projects selected will receive an equity-free "seed grant" of up to €30,000 (hereinafter "Grant") which must be entirely utilized for development of the project; Will be part of an acceleration programme of 4 months co-ordinated by PoliHub, which includes support by expert mentors in the technology and social business spheres, to develop entrepreneurial skills and abilities and to support participants in practical ways in developing their own project. Candidates must present their applications no later than 30 April 2015. For more information about the initiative: http://fondazionevodafone.thinkforsocial.it/eng/   To go back to Italian University Excellence click here
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