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Rylers go crowd. Raise the Right to Impact

As the Milan-based start-up Ryler (www.ryler.org) is about to launch its crowdfunding campaign through 200Crowd (www.200crowd.com), one of the fastest growing platforms in Italy, some attention should be paid to the disruption taking place, steadily but slowly, in the labor markets of several western countries

From Industrial Revolution to Sharing Economy. What’s left from Marxist paradigm ?

Notwithstanding over 150 years of social transformation since Marx published his theories on the unbalanced relations between accumulated capital and workforce, it seems that most large corporations, especially in Italy (and some other European countries lagging behind), have hard times in coping with a labor market that is dramatically changing, especially when it turns to facilitating youngest generations’ entry into the job market.

It took more than a century for service businesses to take the lead on other industrial sectors as it goes to job creation. Still, the model is no different. Someone puts money on the table, buys assets, pays salaries and, eventually, generates profits which are mostly kept as fair reward for the risks undertaken. Within the private sectors, governance and command on value redistribution have been long viewed as capitalists/entrepreneurs’ well-earned privileges. Since a few years and with unprecedented intensity, the breaking news is that consensus is creaking as highly educated young fellows are moving beyond All this is not because Marx is back in fashion,…..quite the contrary, people have been seduced, instead, by sharing economy claims (as if these claims were speaking the truth; fair enough, they aren’t yet.) But it’s coming up fast and furious: people are increasingly doubting that being budget items (i.e. Customers) and productive factors (I,e, Workers) are the one attainable relevant social tags to give a meaning to us human beings. On the surface of am ailing Earth, getting a job is not the one solution, striving for the Right to Impact is the tsunami reshaping industrial relations, job markets and Generation Y's quest for better balancing.

Fragmented Generation, freedom to choose and unbearable pressures. Job markets turn liquid

Millennials enjoy the widest span of opportunities and suffer from the highest level of third party expectations as it goes to their professional careers. Common wisdom is that a substantial part of the jobs which will be available in the next 20 years do not have a name as we write. Wisely, Millennials and their mates are getting familiar with the new scenario; i.e.:

1 Combine work & passion is by far more valuable than having a career with the conventional jobs' space

2. (as long as you can afford it) Experience ranks higher than Compensation

3.  Sustainability isn't a buzzword: preserve environment doesn’t leave much room for compromise

Large Corporations and SMEs alike are just starting to experience that managing passionate resources may impact business performances far better than any other manageable factor; Ryler, through its applications LasJobas (www.lasjobas.com) and RylerRecruitingIndex (www.ryler.org) aims at taking the discussion further, in preparation for the shift to liquid job markets, crowded by people with multiple professional identity profiles secured in decentralized ledgers and all participating into a multilateral market place settling transactions based on delivered utility

Eventually, this may turn most businesses into dynamic portfolios of assets, IPs & project teams managed by strong leaders strategically-minded. Karl may keep snoring, Revolution is here to come

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Rylers go crowd. Raise the Right to Impact

As the Milan-based start-up Ryler (www.ryler.org) is about to launch its crowdfunding campaign through 200Crowd (www.200crowd.com), one of the fastest growing platforms in Italy, some attention should...