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We’re the superhumans

“We’re the superhumans” is the title of the amazing spot celebrating Paralympic games, that takes place in Rio from 7 to 18 September 2016. 'Yes I can' is the motto of the spot created by the official English channel for the Olympics - Channel 4 - and you really need to watch it.

Beautiful images and swing music tell challenges seemingly impossible of those who apparently has disability, but can do lot of things we don’t even image. Basket, cycling, athletics and Olympic sports, but not only: we can see a drummer who plays with his feet, a mother cradling her son with his legs and boy in a wheelchair that runs in a supermarket. The video represent those who live their daily difficulties of disability, whoever they are.

But simply watching this spot we can understand that this special people can handle challenging things, or better, they can do extraordinary things. All with the same knowledge and the same belief, they say, singing in chorus : 'Yes I can'. And proving it. 

 So, are you ready for the 2016 Paralympics?

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Miriam Tagini

Università Cattolica. Studente di Linguaggi dei Media. Ritardataria e sognatrice di professione. Determinazione è la mia parole d'ordine. Sono convinta che ognuno di noi, anche se nel proprio piccolo, ha le potenzialità di stravolgere la propria vita e cambiare il mondo. Mi piace essere circondata di parole, con le quali cerco di raccontare la realtà che vivo quotidianamente. Cosa voglio fare da grande? La giornalista, ovvio.

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